>> Paper Format

In case of acceptance of your paper, the electronic paper version (Postscrip, PDF, or MS Word file) submitted by you will be directly reproduced in the HIBIT 2009 Proceedings. Your strict adherence to the format and style specifications described in this section is required to maintain uniformity of appearance throughout the Proceedings.

2.1 Format

The maximum paper length including figures and references is eight (8) pages.

Do not put page numbers on your document . We will add appropriate page numbers to accepted papers when the conference proceedings are assembled.

All material must fit in a 176 x 240 mm (6.93 x 9.45 inch) area with a left margin of 17 mm (0.67 inch) and a top margin of 25 mm (1 inch). On the first page, the top margin has to be 32 mm (1.26 inch).

All text must appear in two columns with a column spacing of 6 mm (0.24 inch). Figures and tables may span the two columns if necessary.

2.2 Style

All text must be single-spaced.

The recommended font size is 10 point. The font size must be at least 9 point (capital letters at least 2 mm high) and at most 11 point.

The recommended font is Times Roman or Times New Roman.

    2.2.1 Title Area

The paper title is to appear in boldface capital letters, centered across the top of the two columns on the first page. The recommended font size for the paper title is 13 point.

The name(s) of the author(s) should appear below the title in italic letters, followed by the affiliation(s), address(es), and e-mail address(es).

    2.2.2 Abstract

The paper abstract appears below the title area on the first page as the first item on the left-hand column.

Allow 11 mm (0.43 inch) vertical space between title area and abstract.

The abstract should not contain more than 150 words.

   2.2.3 Headings

Major headings should be numbered and appear in boldface capital letters, centered within the respective column.

Subheadings should be numbered, left aligned in the respective column, and in boldface letters.

Sub-subheadings -if they cannot be avoided- should be left aligned in the respective column and in italic letters; they may be numbered.

    2.2.4 Equations

Equations should be centered within the respective column.

We recommend labeling only those equations that are referenced in the text.

    2.2.5 Figures and Tables

All figures and tables must be referred to in the paper. They must be numbered and have captions.

Figures and tables should be placed at the top of the respective page if possible. "Wide" figures and tables may span the two columns.

Color and halftone illustrations must be such that they are acceptable when printed in black and white; however color figures will be available in the CD-ROM proceedings.

    2.2.6 References

References are numbered either in order of appearance in the paper or in alphabetical order.

They are referred to by the respective reference number enclosed by square brackets (e.g., [2]).


  • [1] A. B. Author, Title of Book. Address: ABC Press, 2000.
  • [2] A. B. Author and C. Author, "Title of journal paper,'' Journal , vol. 1, pp. 11-25, Jan. 1999.
  • [3] A. B. Author, C. Author, and D. E. Author, "Title of conference paper,'' in Proc. HIBIT 2005, Antalya, Turkey, September 4-8. 2005, pp. 221-224.